Ukrainian jet fighters Suchoj Su-27 will arrive at Sliač Airbase

1. Juny 2016 18 Aktuality

The Ukrainian Air Force confirming its participation in the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2016 will introduce its jet fighters Suchoj SU 27 after three years again. In the past these so desirable aircraft participated in the International Air Fest Days SIAD in Bratislava and the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2013.

“This is the second time in the history of SIAF these legendary aircraft will visit the most prestigious aviation event in Slovakia.  On this occasion I recall SIAF 2012 when the up-to-date modification of MiG 29 had its premiere - the MiG29M2 arriving from Russia. I am glad that the main programme partner, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic succeeded in inviting to SIAF 2016 such an attractive and desirable participant. The crowd-puller of this year´s International Air Fest Days, apart others, will be a presence of Ukraine with its jet fighters Suchoj Su-27”, says Hubert Štoksa, director of the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2016.

Apart from aircraft Suchoj Su-27, participating in flight display as well as in static display, the Ukrainian aircraft An-26 will be accessible to visitors at static display area.

The Su-27 is a world known fighter plane famous for its manoeuvrability, especially for two unusual manoeuvres – Cobra and Bell. The Cobra manoeuvre starts with rapid increasing of the angle of attack - kind of a 120 degree backward rotation – and still flying forward. When the aircraft loses its speed the pilot vigorously moves the yoke forward and the aircraft follows his movement – so the aircraft´s movement resembles an attacking cobra.

The Bell manoeuvre starts with rapid climbing until the aircraft´s speed decreases to 0 km/h. At the top the manoeuvre resembles the shape of a bell – backward rotation, followed by forward rotation and a steep diving.

Suchoj-27, named Flanker in NATO code, is the Soviet production, single seat, two-engine fighter plane of the fourth generation. It was developed as an answer to USAF F-15 Eagle.

Antonov AN-26, named Curl in NATO code, is the Soviet production two-engine, turboprop transport aircraft designated for short and medium distance air transport. I tis based on Antonov AN-24 design with focus on military needs and requirements.



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