Slovak Air Force will support SIAF 2016

19. August 2016 5 Aktuality

Presentation of the Slovak Air Force will be the top of the Slovak part of SIAF 2016 program. Each year SIAF is an attractive opportunity for the Slovak Air Force to show mastery of their pilots in the air and beauty of their aircraft on the ground – as a part of SIAF static displays.

Traditionally, the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic is the main program partner of this airfest. „ The international air fest days SIAF are a kind of celebration for each aviation fan. I do believe that also this year the visitors will be attracted by dynamic flight displays of our pilots. This year we will miss the aircraft An-26 which has been enjoying its deserved retirement at the Military museum in Piešťany,“ says Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš.

For sure, they will attract visitors attention with their various dynamic fligh performances. They will be showing their piloting mastery and their aircraft MiG-29 Fulcrum and L-39 Albatros manoeuvrability in the air.

We will have a chance to see a joint flyover of MiG-29s and JAS-39 Gripens, later we will be the witnesses of a unique presentation of our QRA aircraft in action.

The crew of military helicopter Mi-17 will execute  their cooperation with firefighters (HaZZ) on the ground. In the air there we will also enjoy the performance of a two-ship formation of aircraft L-410s.

The air fest days are also a unique opportunity to present to the public a wide scale of military machinery and equipment, e.g. recconnaisance and firing complexes of our air defence units, including amphibious and wheeled vehicles.

 Opening joined flyover

Each year SIAF starts with an official opening and the low pass formation flight of Slovak Air Force. „This year flyover will remind us of our  past. The unique joint low pass formation will consists of  aircraft MiG-29s of the Slovak Air Force and JAS-39 Gripens of the Czech Air Force. It will be organized at the begining of both air fest days – Saturday and Sunday“, says Jana Daňová spokesperson of Slovak Air Force.


This year novelty will be a demonstration of an action of our tactical aircraft (Mig-29s) against a simulated violator of our airsapace – played for this purpose by a transport aircraft of the squadron of the Ministry of Interior.

„Our aim is to present to the visitors the main assets of our QRA (Quick Reaction Alert System) and our main task – which is the continuous monitoring and protection of our airspace. On this occasion I would like to express my sincere thanks to all service men and women actively  participating in these tasks every day“, says Major General Ing. Miroslav Korba, the Slovak Air Force commander.

 So, we will have a chance to see for the very first time the new transport aircraft of the squadron of the Ministry of Interior – an Airbus A-319 with a unique painting of General M.R.Štefánik on its tail surface – in a role of our airspace violator. The Slovak Air Force MiG-29s will force it to land at Sliač airport runway.

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