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27. Juny 2016 9 Aktuality

 The main programme partner the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic has prepared a real treat for visitors of International Air Fest Days. At Sliač Airbase there will appear a jet fighter, which used to fly here under the call sign Ceasar 21. Till 2003 this jet fighter belonged to the inventory of the Air Force of the Slovak Republic and during International Aviation Days visitors could admire its capabilities thanks to piloting mastery of LtCol Ing. František Zsoldos.

 Legendary MiG-21 is staging a comeback

 Apart from the legendary MiG21 in a flight display, Romanian Air Forces will introduce also a transport aircraft C-27 SPARTAN in a static display.

 “MiG21 should have appeared at SIAF in 2015. Shortly before the beginning of SIAF Romanian Air Forces  cancelled their participation due to operational reasons. I believe this year we will not meet the same situation and on 27 and 28 August 2016 this legendary aircraft in a new version LANCER flown by a Romanian display pilot will be flying over the Sliač Airbase. I look forward to seeing it“, says Director of MLD SIAF Hubert Štoksa.

 Aircraft MiG-21 Lancer fall into older combat vehicles of NATO, actually in the weaponry of Romanian Air Forces. At the turn of the millennium aircrfat MiG-21 were upgraded with the help of Israeli producers of avionic systems to be used in the inventory following 10-15 years. First upgraded aircraft MiG-21 Lancer A and Lancer C appeared at Campia Turzii Airbase on 24 January 2001 and the last one in March last year.

 In the year 2015 the 711th Fighter Squadron equipped with aircraft Lancer took part in the joint military exercise of Romanian Air Forces (Forţele Aeriene Române – FAR) and the Air Forces of the USA. According to last information part of aircraft will remain in the inventory of FAR alongside aircraft F-16 till the year 2020.

 What will the performance of a Romanian pilot at International Air Fest 2016 be like? Will it be comparable to the performance of our legendary pilot Feri Zsoldos? Come to Sliač Airbase and Sliač Airport at the last weekend of August and see for yourself.

 Source : the editorship of SIAF, the magazine Letectví+kozmonautika č.5/2015

Photo: the Air Forces of Romania


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