23. July 2016 5 Aktuality

The organizers of this year airshow SIAF 2016 at airport and airbase Sliač have been successful in managing participation of several unique flying machines in the event. The aircraft MiG-15, OK-UTI 2514 of the Czech company “Czech Flying Legends“ will come out tops.

Czech aviation enthusiasts - Josef Miřácky and Roman Svoboda (a former Gripen pilot) obtained this particular aircraft from Mr. Tom Smith - an American aviation private collector - of Granada Hills, California in 2013. And so, this MiG-15 came back home onto „Czech sky“ after many years of “wanderings“ abroad. The aircraft painting is in Czech colours and the number 2514 on the fuselage is the number which originally belonged to MiG-15UTI of 30th   fighter-bomber regiment based at the airport Hradec Králové  until 1982. At the nose part of the fuselage there is the coat of arms of Ostrava city, exactly the same as it used to be at the former Hradec regiment aircraft. The only difference is the tiger camouflage at the top of its vertical fin which represents the sign of cooperation with  NATO Tigers Association.

History of MiG-15, OK-UTI 2514 aircraft

The aircraft MiG 15UTI, serial number 242266, was produced at Aero Vodochody under the licence type marking CS-102, powered with RD-45 engine. The crew - Vlastimil David and Antonín Bartoš - executed its maiden flight on 22 April 1955 at Vodochody. On 17 June 1955 the aircraft was sold abroad to Poland and it served in the Polish Air Force until 22 November 1990. It had been used for training as a jet-trainer, mainly at 61st LPSzB (regiment of an aviation school), air base Biała Podlaska. After that the aircraft was decommissioned and in 1994 bought by an American collector Tom Smith. (History of this particular aircraft is available in L+K aviation magazine 11/2015)

Aircraft basic specifications:

Serial No: 242266, Crew: 2, Length: 10.08 m, Wingspan: 10.10 m, Height: 3.7 m,

Wing area: 20.60 m2, Empty weight: 3681 kg, Max. takeoff weight: 6038 kg,

Powerplant: 1 × Klimov VK-1 centrifugal flow turbojet,

Maximum speed: 1076 km/h at sea level, Service ceiling: 15500 m,

Max. Range with drop tanks: 1860 km

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