A battle of the titans – Zoltán Veres vs Kairys Jurgis

8. August 2016 6 Aktuality

A comparative battle of two aerobatic titans will be seen in the Sliač sky this year. Both giants will come with their own aviation performances and you can compare who has impressed you more. Both are stunt pilots with plenty of public displays and awards.

Zoltán Veres

One of them is well-known to us, because his breathtaking displays of aerobatics within SIAFs have remained engraved in our memories for several years. Here is Zoltán Veres. He has more than 19 000 flying hours under his belt in more than 120 different types of aircraft. He graduated from the College of Aviation with a degree in aircraft engineering. He has gained all possible types of licences, he is also a test pilot and a legal expert in aviation matters. He is among the very few pilots able to perform such an extraordinary aerobatic display. Zoltan´s performances make your blood run cold. He has established several Guinness World Records. One of his favourite stunts is the inverted ribbon cut performed at the speed of 400kph and the height of 3 metres. “.. I thought that the pilot had stroked the runway while executing his display”, wrote Martin, one of visitors at last year´s SIAF on his Facebook. Seeing him to fly you know that he always comes with a surprise and his show is full of thrills and adrenaline.

This year Veres will fly the MXS. It is a composite single-seat aircraft made of carbon presenting a unique combination of power, quality, efficiency and endurance.

To get more about specifications of this aircraft click HERE.

Kairys Jurgis

Kairys Jurgis was born in Sharipov, Krasnoyarsk in Siberia on 6 May 1952. His parents were deported from Lithuania by Soviet authorities in 1951. His family later came back to their homeland. His interest in flying started in his childhood spent home, in Lithuania when admiring birds and agricultural aircraft flying above him. He was fascinated with graceful motions in air and hoped once he would take off there. After graduating from the university, following his dream, he started flying in an aerobatic club in Lithuania in 1974. His talent and determination made him well-known and helped him to become the member of the elite national team. He has worked as a test pilot for the Sukhoi Design Bureau and tested and developed the aircraft Sukhoi 26,29 and 31.

His unique collection of awards proves he is an elite pilot - five medals in World Championships (2 gold and 3 silver), twice a champion of World Grand Prix of Aerobatics, a champion of the Red Bull Air Race in Zeltveg, Austria in 2003.

At the International Air Fest Days he will introduce the Russian aircraft SU-31. The Sukhoi SU-31 is a Russian single-seat aerobatic aircraft manufactured by the Sukhoi company as a lighter and more powerful version of Su-29. The production of the aircraft started in 1991 as a single-seat development of the earlier Su-29 with a more powerful Venedeyev M-14PF engine and new landing gear. The maiden flight of the low-wing aircraft was executed in June 1992 as a Su-29T and the first production aircraft had its premiere in 1994.

For more information click HERE.

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