Unique book dedicated to the fifth anniversary of SIAF Airshow

23. August 2015 Aktuality

Airshows in Slovakia – CSIAF 1992 to SIAF 2014

This year the main organizer of SAIF Air Fest Days is introducing a unique novelty – a book which should not be missing in a collection of any lover of aviation. In his book the author, retired Air Force Colonel Jaroslav Švacho, recorded the history of SIAF Air Fest Days with a focus on personalities of the Slovak Military Display Team. The book under the title  “Airshows in Slovakia – CSIAF 1992 to SIAF 2014“ will be on sale at SIAF 2015 Airshow in the stalls of the main organizer.

The main part of the book is devoted to the Slovak Military Display Team – the pilots who performed and some of them still keep performing their piloting mastery at public airshows.

“I tried to cover the history of aerobatic flying in Slovakia and some personalities of it; of course only to some extent. The significant space of this book is dedicated to Slovak aerial demonstration team on gliders - Očovskí Bačovia. I approached several of my former colleagues and friends – the pilots; and we went through their private archives of photographs which brought back our memories and stories. It was not an easy job. But, on the other hand, I had a chance to go back to my past – the unforgettable years of flying. I am fully aware of the risk not to remember all who exhibited, and some still exhibit, their piloting mastery at international air shows; not to live up to expectations; and maybe to disappoint some of my former colleagues. In spite of  it, I am really happy that I finally agreed to write this book and now it is  at your hand. I do believe you will find  memories, joy, pleasure and maybe an inspiration in it,” says the author Jaroslav Švacho.

The first Slovak Military Display pilot on MiG-29 aircraft, retired Major General Jozef Dunaj has commented the book as well:

“Every start is difficult and so it was the same in this case.  Young Slovak Air Forces, although established on the base of the Czechoslovak Air Force personnel, had to face many problems emerging in such situations from the very beginning. Firts of all, problems of insufficient logistic support appeared. The existence and activity of the “Display Team“ was encouraged by  personal enthusiasm and “addiction“ of members of the team to fulfilling set targets. It was considerably seen in the case of the team Biele Albatrosy. Members of the team Biele Albatrosy devoted a lot of energy and personal funds to introduce Air Forces and a high level of Slovak military aviation school system.“

The book catches this turbulent period and brings the reader detailed and more personal information  about that time by pictures and commentaries of the people being in the centre of the  events.

“It is said that the history comes bac again. But there is also a saing that  one cannot entre the same river twice“... For that reason it is praiseworthy that this book has been written and so events of that time were captured as they had  happened because it is likely that similar circumstances and conditions enabling establishment and working of a team introducing the Slovak Air Forces to the public to a comparable extent will not appear. The author of this book saw these events as a military pilot and therefore I would like to thank him that he devoted his energy to collect and arrange those unrepeatable events, which could work as an inspiration for future pilots,  in logicl order. And as for the public, I hope that the book will be an interesting summary of the period in which the foundation of the Slovak Air Forces were laid. I wish the reader getting plenty of interesting information while reading this book,“ says  Major General (Ret.) Jozef Dunaj.

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