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No one can imagine the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2015 without historical aircraft. Few of them also will not be missing on the 5th anniversary of the most prestigious aviation event in Slovakia. During the last weekend of August, 29th -30th August, lovers of historical aircraft can admire the military aircraft Avia B-33. Also a replica of the legend named Supermarine Spitfire from the Czech republic will not be missing.

The unique aircraft of the Czechoslovak production – Avia B-33

The military aircraft Avia-B33 was license-built after the Soviet aircraft Ilyushin Il-10. At the end of the year 1950 first original versions of Il-10 were imported into Czechoslovakia, overall 80 aircraft. In 1951 the Czechoslovak company Avia took over the license and within years 1951-1955 produced almost 1,200 aircraft of this type named Avia B-33 and CB-33. The last recorded flight of this aircraft was performed by the crew of Š.Antal and J.Máj on the 26th April 1962. Only 3 pieces of this unique aircraft of the Czechoslovak production have been preserved. One of them is placed in the Military Museum in Krakow and another one in the Prague Aviation Museum, Kbely.

The aircraft you will be given the opportunity to see on the aviation show SIAF 2015 is the third one. It comes from Nižný Komárnik, the WWII memorial place. The aircraft was in very bad technical condition and to the present state it was brought by enthusiasts – members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic along members of Prešov Air Base. By Col. Miloslav Čaplovič, the director of the Institute of Military History, Bratislava this aircraft is the unique object and the curiosity because from the three preserved aicraft Ilyushin it is in the best condition.

Elegant legend named Spitfire

The faithful copy, the replica of the legendary aircraft Spitfire will arrive from the Czech Republic. The aircraft Supermarine was used by the Royal Air Force during WWII. It was flown by one of the most significant Czechoslovak pilots, Gen Maj Otto Smik. Sliač Airbase bears the name of the former commander of the 127th British Fighter Squadron and also his bust, decorated with the wing of the most famous jet fighter of the WWII is placed there.

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