"ORLIK Team" back at SIAF 2015

12. July 2015 Aktuality

The uniqueness of the most prestigious event in Slovakia, International Aviation Days SIAF, is proved by the great number of world famous aerobatic groups. After three years the top team representing Poland –ORLIK Team will land at Sliač Airport again. At SIAF 2015 pilots will repeat the atmosphere of the year 2012, when besides their piloting mastery they showed also their natural behaviour and Polish temperament at Sliač Airport. In the Sliač sky also a pilot of a jet fighter MiG-29 will show his piloting mastery and at static display a transport aircraft CASA 295M will be placed.

Professionals from ORLIK Team have visited Slovakia several times. They did not miss their participation in National Aviation Days in Piešťany in 2008 and also in International Aviation Days SIAD 2002 in Bratislava. They will perform their Polish piloting mastery by turbo-prop two- seat aircraft PZL-130TC-2 also this year in the sky over Sliač. The ORLIK Team was established on 1 January 1998 in Deblin. They started their basic and advanced training at Radom-Sadkow Airport in 5-aircraft formation. The same year they debuted at the Royal International Tattoo in Fairford, England.

MiG-29- a fighter of the 4th generation

Everyone who will visit MLD SIAF 2015 will be given the opportunity to compare mastery of a Slovak pilot and a Polish one, both flying MiG-29 in "a live performance". Who will be better?

Mikojan-Gurevič MiG-29 – the NATO code name "Fulcrum" is a supersonic frontline fighter of the 4th generation primarily designed as an air superiority fighter in all weather conditions during a day and night with secondary air-to ground capability.

MiG-29 was developped during the 1970s in the Mikoyan designed bureau and later continued as a state order. It was based on a joint prototype for MiG-23 and MiG-27 and was meant to replace MiG-21, getting worn off and to be the response to F-15, F-16, F/A -18 Hornet. The requirement of the Soviet General Staff for a PFI (Perspektivnyj Frontovoj Istrebiteľ – Advanced Frontline Fighter) from the year 1972 called for extremly ambitious specifications – Mach 2+ speed, high manoeuvrability, long range, abilty to use austere runways and heavy armament. The PFI fighter was later developped by Sukhoi, resulting in the Sukhoi Su-27 and a lightweight fighter ( responded to the American F-16) went to Mikoyan, resulting in the Mikoyan Product 9, a direct predecessor of the MiG-29.

Foto: USAF

The Air Forces of post-communist middle-European countries are equipped with aircraft of Soviet and also Western provenance. The typical example is the Polish Air Force equipped with "new" western aircraft F-16 and "old" Soviet MiG-29 ( a single-seater MiG-29A and a double-seater MiG-29UB). Because of many upgraded changes, these versions are not identical to original versions from the 1980s.

Casa C-295 M

Poland will be represented also by a two-engine turboprop tactical military transport aircraft. It is designed for short and medium distances and for transporting people and cargo. In case of emergency an aircrfat is configured for medical evacuation missions for 24 stretcher patients with medical staff. Its maximum range is 5,500 km, it is able to operate from unpaved airstrips and is equipped with the system of pasive and active self - defence. The range of an aircraft with a load up to 9,25tons placed on pallets transported in the cargo hold with the capacity of 46,9m³ is 1,200 km. With a load of 6,000 kg its range is cca 3,900 km.

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