Information for PRESS

27. August 2015 Aktuality

Contact for media:

Monika Pastuchová
tel.: 00421 905 317 885


Find a daily update:

During SIAF 2015 the Press center will be available to journalists. It will be situated near main entrance – Brána ZVOLEN – GATE ZVOLEN. Schedule of briefings will be available in Press center. Individual photo sessions and recordings can be arranged after agreement with spokesperson of SIAF.

Press center will be open:

Saturday 29th August 2015

8:00 – 19:00

Sunday 30th August 2015

8:00 – 17:00

Press pass:

Accredited journalists can pick up their press pass (bracelet) in Press Center in Sliač airport – near GATE ZVOLEN.During the SIAF, journalists will have their Press area. Recording is possible only in this area or wherever in public area.

How to get there:

GPS location of Sliač airport is longitude 48.6178 N, 48.37408 latitude 19.1328 E, 19.75808 E. Schedule of trains, busses and public transport is available at,, oruse special traffic connections provided by SIAF organizer. More info

Parking - PRESS car park

It is designated for the journalists coming from Banská Bystrica as well as from Zvolen, I/69 road. The area is 0,25 ha large with the capacity of 100 vehicles.

Accommodation and catering

SIAF organizer do not provide accommodation and catering for journalists. If you want to spend more days at SIAF you have to arrange your accommodation yourself. In press center coffee and water will be available.


Mgr. Zdenka Sekerešová
Media manager MLD SIAF 2015
tel. č.: + 421 911 517 358


Slovenská letecká agentúra (SLLA), s. r. o., Banská Bystrica trying to preserve a tradition of

the organization Slovak international air fest in the Slovak Republic. By projecting and

implementing air fest uses acquired rich experiences and high proffesionality, as evidenced

several years. In 2005 and 2006 organized this agency air days with foreign participation

Slovak Air Fest at the Airport Sliač. In 2007 SLA has established a pilot project of the

International Air Fest at the Airport Piešťany. The next year continued in tradition of the air

days and it organized Slovak Air Fest, Air Days Očová 2008. In 2011 returned the

organization of event once again at the Airport Sliač. The most record year became year

2012, when the Airport Sliač visited during SIAF 202 more than 120 000 visitors. In 2013

visited SIAF 2013 more than 115 000 fanatics of air.

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