Fast and maneuverable – P 51 Mustang from the Czech Republic is heading to Sliač

29. July 2015 9 Aktuality

During the last weekend of August thousands of visitors from Slovakia and many parts of the world will share a common experience. They will meet at the jubilee, the 5th year of the biggest aviation event in the surroundings – the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2015. In the very heart of Slovakia children and adults will enjoy the weekend full of fun and a varied programme thanks to different vehicles on the ground and in the air of Sliač. And also the main organizer, Slovak Aviation Agency, will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The present will be the confirmed arrival of one of the best aircraft of the WWII. From the Czech Republic P-51 Mustang will arrive at Sliač Airbase.

The American jet fighter P-51 Mustang served in the WWII as a bomber escort thanks to its long flying range. Mustang was also effective as a quality combat fighter and gradually became the best and most effective jet fighter in WWII. The company North American started production of this aircraft to order of Great Britain in the year 1940. A year later the first Mustang with excellent dynamic attributes, powered by the engine Allison V-1710 was delivered to Great Britain. Althogh it was a good engine was not reliably capable of operating at high altitudes.

The very first flight of the aircraft Mustang, a version P51B equipped with a more powerfull engine Packard V-1650 – 7 (Rolls-Royce Merlin) was performed in September 1942. Within Great Britain aircraft of this version started flying in December 1943 and in May 1944 aircraft of the version P-51D were added to them. Not only was the Mustang an excellent jet fighter but also it reached great results in attacking German ground targets.


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