Hangar 7 fleet at SIAF 2000 livestream

19. August 2020 Aktuality

We are preparing for you the greatest aviation experience of the year in the form of a livestream composed of the best aviation demonstrations in the entire history of the SIAF International Aviation Days. As soon as August 29th, 2020, you will be able to watch phenomenal display shows of participants from the entire SIAF history. The Flying Bulls team belongs to the traditional and unique participants of the aviation days. Their aerobatics of BO 105 Red Bull, F4U Corsair and B25 Mitchell can be seen again online in a few days during the livestream of the International Aviation Days SIAF 2020 ! Watch and witness that the Flying Bulls team rightfully belongs to the world's aviation top, and they are regular participants in aviation festivals and SIAF partners.

It all started with the Flying Bulls team looking for a suitable hangar that could be used for several purposes, with the Douglas DC-6B machine being the jewel of the aircraft collection and its largest object. The basic idea was to build a self-supporting mantle around this aircraft - as a symbol of heaven. And so it happened! Nearly 65,000 cubic meters of space and 380 tons of special glass were unified on August 22nd, 2003 and thus the Hangar 7 was born. After the Flying Bulls had their imaginary home, they could embark on a journey to heavens. You can admire majestic aircrafts of the Flying Bulls fleet every day of the year with free entry to Hangar 7 in Austria. Every aircraft in the fleet has regular maintenance and they are flown on air shows or festivals. The entire fleet will never show up at the exhibition area at once. Why? Because Hangar 7 is an ever-changing museum which always offers different aircrafts to its visitors. This is what has in common Hangar 7 has in common with the SIAF International Aviation Days. Visitors will always see something new and unique!

Who are the Flying Bulls?

It's not just a group of enthusiasts who are devoted to historic planes and helicopters. The term "Flying Bulls" means much more than that. It is a fleet of the largest aircrafts in the history of aviation and they have the ambition to maintain and repair them. By the end of the 1990s, there was not enough space for the fast-growing Flying Bulls fleet, originally based at Innsbruck Airport in Austria. This marked the beginning of a new plan to build a hangar at Salzburg Airport. The time came when it was necessary to establish a hitherto inconsistent association of pilots and mechanics under a common roof. And this is exactly how the "Flying Bulls" group was formed in 1999. They became popular, technically and visually perfect aircrafts of the Flying Bulls fleet. Among other things, they were part of aviation events. In 2016 and 2018, we also welcomed them to the SIAF International Aviation Days. We will commemorate their phenomenal piloting this year as well, during the livestream on August 29th, 2020!

World rarities in the Flying Bulls collection

The globally admired and unique collection includes rarities such as the Lockheed P-38, the North American B-25J Mitchell, the Chance Vought F4U-4 "Corsair" and the Douglas DC-6. The helicopter fleet is very impressive, as well. It includes, for example, two BO 105 aircraft, the only civilian helicopter in the world licensed for aerobatics, and helicopters like the Bell Cobra, belonging to the jewels of the past. Aircrafts are not only exhibited, but regularly take off into the skies. Regular maintenance is especially important for these types of historic machines. And that may be the reason why Hangar 8 was created, which is located opposite Hangar 7. This ensures that all winged aircraft and helicopters are 100% airworthy. On the positive side, they also complement each other architecturally, as Hangar 8 looks like the Hangar 7's "big brother". You will find floor-heating in the hangars, as it provides perfect working conditions for restoring a historic aircraft, which can take several years. The composition of the ground crew is international and unique, at the same time. Experts and mechanics are involved in the reconstruction and maintenance of the machines, along with avionics engineers, who are able to keep both historical and current flight machines in full operation.
We could see the BO 105 Red Bull, F4U Corsair and B25 Mitchell at SIAF days in 2018, and we will commemorate the unique piloting from that year in a few days as part of the livestream of the International Aviation Days SIAF 2020 online. With an authentic description of the maneuvers, you will be pleased with the expert, our commentator and moderator in one person - Tóno Zelenaj.

In addition to the above-mentioned top machines, we will also delight you with demonstrations from SIAF 2016 presented by XA 42, Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team. Also, we will be joined by the world champion Martin Šonka on his EXTRA 300 with his 2019 flight demonstration. After piloting these machines, no one will doubt that Red Bull gives wings to those who have the courage and desire to fly to the skies. We believe that you will want to see the Sliač sky with us again and enjoy SIAF 2020 online!

Join us on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 on Facebook, Youtube and www.siaf.sk, because we are preparing the biggest aviation event for you - this year it is online, free of charge and with great guests. By voluntarily contributing or purchasing a livestream ticket, you will help not only us, but part of the proceeds collected will go to the reconstruction of the damaged L-39 Albatros aircraft. In addition, you will be entered into a competition for extremely attractive prizes from our partners. The last Saturday in August belongs to the aviation. We believe that you will remain loyal to us this year as well, and you will be part of the International Aviation Days SIAF 2020 online. You can find all the necessary information on SIAF 2020 online on our website www.siaf.sk, but also on the social networks Facebook and Youtube.

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