Greek Zeus with “THUNDERS“ in the Sliač skies

9. Juny 2019 Aktuality

On the first weekend of August the atmosphere at Sliač will be full of the southern temperament. Alongside the Italian aerial demonstration team Frecce Tricolori the participants from Greece will be introducing themselves at the biggest aviation event in Slovakia on 3 and 4 August. Professionalism, mastery of military pilots, top-notch of the world solo aerobatics... That is Greek Zeus Demo Team with their aircraft F-16C Block 52+ in their premiere at MLD SIAF.


Since the beginning of the SIAF tradition we have had a lot of oportunities to admire several attractive aerobatic maneuvres in the skies over Sliač. Thanks to Zeus Deamo Team we could add some more to our database. Do not miss their Cuban Eight, Knife Edge Pass, 9g Turn, Shark´s Tooth, High and Low Speed Passes.

A bit of history

Zeus Demo Team is a successor of tradition of Greek aerobatic performers and groups such as  „Carré of Aces“, „Acro Team“, „Hellenic Flame“, „New Hellenic Flame“ and „Τ-6Α Texan II Demo Team“.

To create the F-16 Demo Team, Greek pilots trained at the well known and highly experienced “Viper West F-16 Demo Team“ of the United States Air Force (USAF), headquartered in Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA. With the help of highly experienced American instructor-pilots they succeeded in establishment of an excellent display team for public performances with F-16 solo aircraft. After months of continuously intense training, on November 7th, 2010, they held its first official air show at Tanagra Air Base.

Seasoned pilots

The first display pilots of the team became Captains Emmanuel Karahalios and Dimitrios Kontoulis.

Nowadays the “Yoke“ in the cockpit of their F-16 is being gripped by the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Georgios Papadakis or Major Dimitrios Volakakis. Both have accumulated more than 1.200 flight hours with F-16 under their belts.

If you do not want to miss their performance, highlight the 3rd and 4th August 2019 in your calendars. The tickets are already available at:

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