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Besides top notch fighters there will be an opportunity to see also flying vitange aircraft of the 2nd WW-era at the Sliač Air Force Base on the first weekend of August. This participant was already introduced to the Slovak aviation buffs at Piešťany Air Fest this year in May. Seasoned pilots Mateusz Strama and Piotr Kowalski will arrive from the neighbouring Poland to introduce their aircraft Yak-3U .

A little bit of history

The Soviet military leadership, by the time the new Yakovlev arrived in 1944, had learned that it was crucial for each type of aircraft to be put into a role in which its strengths would be accentuated and its weaknesses would be downplayed. As a fast and highly-maneuverable aircraft with limited range and firepower, the Yak-3 was used almost exclusively as low-altitude tactical fighter.

WWII veteran-pilot, F.F. Kondratev, recalled flying a Yak-3 in 1944 : “This aircraft had a superiority over the enemy,” he stated. “As a drawback, it could only carry a little gasoline, just 40 minutes of fighting; from takeoff to landing, one hour.”   


Jak 3U R2000 „Czech Ride” SP-YAQ

This aircraft was originally manufactured in Kunovice, Czechoslovakia in 1954 under the marking of LET C-11. Later it was transferred to Egypt for the Egyptian Air Force. In 1990 it was modified for flying at current flight conditions and rules in the USA as Yak - 3U.  With its Pratt Whitney Twin Wasp R2000 engine it can produce 1450 hp and max. speed of 640 kmph. In the nineties the aircraft attended several aviation events in the States and since 1997 it also gained great recognition at the Reno Air Races in Nevada, USA. In 2004 the aircraft was sold to Germany and since 2018 Poland is its home country.


Two Polish B 737 Captains behind the controls of Yak-3U

Seasoned pilots, Mateusz Strama and Piotr Kowalski - both flying Boeing B 737 with more than 7000 flight hours under their belts will introduce the aircraft to the SIAF 2019 visitors.

Their flight display takes only 8 minutes but it promises an exceptional  experience to MLD SIAF 2019 visitors. Besides common aerobatics performance the visitors should expect also low passes, smoke effects and speed close to 600 kmph.


Source:  ​Mateusz Strama


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