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Even we are used to great world famous aerial demonstration teams at Sliač airport this year also solo display performance will not be missing.

We have already introduced to you Italian and Greek participants but during the first weekend of August (3 and 4 Aug) we will welcome at Sliač airport  also the airmen from France. Two French military pilots with their Alpha Jet aircraft will be for sure one of the top performers at SIAF 2019.

The Two-Man Cockpit

Dornier Alpha Jet is two-seat jet aircraft developed in the 1960s as a light-attack training jet by France and Germany.

That two man cockpit is a crucial part of the design of this fighter plane, but there are clearly completely different experiences for each pilot.

The man at the back in the co-pilot role has a largely obstructed view, whereas the front-seat pilot enjoys an excellent view and it allows him to be fully concentrated to piloting of the aircraft.


Solo display performed by two pilots

42 year old Captain PHILIPPE CASTAGNET „ZIPPO“ is a display pilot with more than 3900 flight hours in the air. He is an experienced Alpha Jet pilot with 2300 flight hours spent in its cockpit. 41 year old Captain VIANNEY SAILLARD „SAISAI“ is also a display pilot for the season of 2019. He is a seasoned pilot with more than 3400 flight hours under his belt. Besides Alpha Jet he flew also Mirage F-1 and Mirage 2000D.


Flight display worth seeing

Their performance in the air lasts only about 10 minutes. But in these 10 minutes they will show us everything an experienced pilot could do with such an aircraft. They fly in the scope of 30 to 1000 meters at the velocity of 170 - 1000 km/hour. G-load pilots have to withstand during their flight display is +7,5 g / -3,5 g.

If you put together their excellent aircraft and their piloting mastery the result is a performance worth seeing at Sliač airport during the first weekend of August.



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