8. July 2019 Aktuality

We cannot imagine MLD SIAF without Zoltán Veres. This flying acrobat is a regular and  one of the most interesting  participants of our aviation event. His piloting mastery was last admired by Slovak enthusiasts this May at the Festival of Aviation in Piešťany. And there it was also one of the most attractive performances.

During last years of SIAF we have said almost everything about him. Right now just only  short recap:

Number one in the world  aerobatics

So  far he has gained more than 19,000 flight hours under his belt flying 120 various types of aircraft - from small aerobatics aircraft to the state-of-the-art transport aircraft Boeing. He belongs among several holders of the  licence to fly at surface level and he is also a respected expert in aviation.

Unique in the air and on the ground

Regular visitors of aviation days in Sliač are familiar with his “breathtaking“ manoeuvres in the sky and at surface level. His favourite aerobatic aircraft is MXS aircraft of the MXR company. This year at Sliač air base he will fly the EXTRA-300. It is not any disadvantage for him that he proved during his performances in Piešťany.


Vystúpenie, ktoré stojí za to

Len ťažko sa mu niekto v leteckej akrobacii môže vyrovnať, a aj preto bývajú jeho vystúpenia zaradené až ku koncu letového programu. Ale ak chcete vidieť skutočne jedinečnú leteckú akrobaciu na malom, obratnom a vysoko-výkonnom lietadle, určite sa oplatí počkať. Príďte sa presvedčiť na vlastné oči. Navštívte Leteckú základňu Sliač v dňoch 3. a 4. augusta  a staňte sa aj vy súčasťou jedinečného leteckého podujatia MLD SIAF 2019.

Performance that is worth seeing

Hardly can anybody in flying aerobatics be equal to him so that´s why his performances are placed at the end of the flight programme. But if you want to see a unique flight aerobatic display performed in a small, maneuverable and high-powerful aircraft it is worth waiting. Come to see it in your own eyes. Come and visit Sliač Air Base on the 3 and 4 August and become a part of the unique flyight event the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2019.


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