Accreditation for journalists and spotters has been launched

17. July 2019 Aktuality

Those belonging to journalists or spotters sit up. We have launched the accreditation process for the 9th year of the International Air Fest Days SIAF. You can ask for the accreditation till Friday, the 26 July 2019. The media team of the International Air Fest  Days will consider every single request till Sunday, the 28 July.


Representatives of press, electronic or online media will have the PRESS ZONE within the visitors´area  at the airport ( near the north apron in direction of Banská Bystrica) and the PRESS CENTRUM (in the vicinity of the main stage) with the possibility of the Internet connection at their disposal.  A maximum of two journalists of the same newspaper is allowed due to capacity reasons and increase of journalists´ comfort. More information HERE


Belonging to photo hunters , so-called spotters, be careful when fulfilling an accreditation form. The SPOTTERS´ ZONE  will be built within the visitors´ area near the north apron (in direction of Banská Bystrica). The number of spotters´ entries is limited. In case your accreditation is approved it is necessary to buy a spotter ticket (25 € per day) via a message emailed by the media team. More information HERE.

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