Slovak international air fest days SIAF 2012 will be organized at Sliač airport in September

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The most important aviation event of the year, International air fest days Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) 2012, will be held at the weekend of 1st and 2nd September, at Sliač airport. The event will be organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising. The main organizer is  the Slovak aviation agency (SLA) from Banská Bystrica which last year successfully organized this event in cooperation with the main programme partner – the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic. This information has been announced today by its director, Mr. Hubert Štoksa

Aviation fans can expect unique aerobatic performances in the air as well as various exhibitions which will prove readiness and preparedness of ground and air forces of the Slovak republik and other NATO, EU countries and USA. Participation has been confirmed by the Air forces of Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Dutch Royal Air Force. The real attraction will be the performance of the Italian world famous aerial demonstration team Frecce Tricolori. The last performance of this formation  in Slovakia took part in the airshow SIAD Bratislava in 2004. Tradition of Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale : Frecce Tricolori has lasted 52 years and has been represented by  313th  aerial demonstartion training team of the Italian national air force.

For spactators, they are easily recognizable because of their unique performance of ten aerobatic planes at one time which use Italian national colour effects. “SIAF is being considered as one of the events which bring excitment, dynamics, challenge, technology, sensation, sport, entertainment, and high quality performances. It embodies the best of airshow and extreme sports. The last year airshow success is a guarantee that spectators could expect  interesting performances this year ,too“, says Mr. Hubert Štoksa.

As he added, the participation of many famous names of the aviation world is under negotiation. At the moment the participation has been confirmed by RetroSky Team of Slovak national aeroclub Košice, the aerial demonstartion team Očovskí bačovia, aerobatic pilot Mr. Dušan Šramko with his aircraft PITTS S2, Air Transport Europe Poprad will present Augusta AK 109, Aerospol Prievidza with their WT9 Dynamic, Shak Aero Senica  with aircraft Shark, Heli Company Košice with H-269 Schweitzer, Mr. Jozef Viskupič from Šenkvice with his Extra E-300. Among foreign participants there are Goldtimer Foundation from Hungary with Lisunov Li-2, Mr. Andrew Bickmore from the UK with YAK-3UM, and Czech Sport Aircraft from Kunovice will performe their Sport Cruiser. The sky over Sliač airport will be a stage for excelent aerobatic maneouvers of Mr. Zoltán Veres from Hungary, the winner of prestigious world series AERO GP in Dubai.

“I am very happy that thanks to immense effort and favourable public response we are able to continue the tradition and organize this year International air fest, SIAF 2012. This is a spectacular event which offers unique mastery of aviation professionals in the air and on the ground. It promises interesting and exciting weekend for aviation fans and their friends and families“, said the Slovak Air Force commander, Major General Ing. Martin Babiak.

The main organizer of SIAF 2012 is SLA, ltd, which has had extensive experience in organizing airshows. It organized the international airshow Slovak Air Fest in 2005 and 2006 at Sliač airport. More than 45 000 spectators visited those two events. In 2007 the company participated in organizing National aviation days at Piešťany airport with the main project and flying activities support. In 2008 SLA continued in the established tradition of airshows and organized an international event Slovak Air Fest, Airshow Očová 2008 with more than 25 000 spectators. In 2011 the airshow SIAF took place at Sliač airport with more than 55 000 spectators, who were offered extensive programme of more than 100 aircraft from 12 countries.

The fact that this greatest aviation celebration will take part again at Sliač airport is being welcomed by Major General Ing. Martin Babiak . “The Slovak Air Force and Sliač airport, in the past known as Tri Duby airport, played very important role in the Slovak National Uprising and 1st Czechoslovak independent fighter regiment landed here in September 1944. Currently, the airport is a heart of air force as the home base of Slovak fighters who provide everyday continuous defence of sovereignty of the Slovak airspace, and as a part of NATO air defence integrated system. Since 2002, the base has been renamed in the memory of our  most successful Slovak pilot – a fighter pilot who had fought under wings of The Royal Air Force – fighter ace, Major General Otto smik“.  Mr. Hubert Štoksa added that Sliač airport has the status of an international airport, fully equipped for  organizing of airshows. “Its geographical location, infrastructure, and history makes the airport an attractive location for organizing events of this kind“, he added.

The Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic has participated in organizing as the main programe partner. Other co-organizers are : The Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, Self-Governing Region of Banská Bystrica, towns of Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, and Sliač.

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