Frecce Tricolori will demonstrate their mastery

19. April 2012 Archív

Top aerial demostration team Frecce Tricolori fly 11 aircraft Aermacchi MB 339/Pan model. This Italian national team, pride of aerobatics, is world-famous. Their prestige and popularity are based on long tradition, high level of professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm for flying. The pilots of this Italian squadron are an example of iron disccipline and a team spirit.


 Frecce Tricolori will take part in the International airshow 2012 at Sliač in the year which is an important cornerstone of their existence. It is the year of the 30th anniversary of this extraodinary relationship between a human being and a machine. Each pilot of this aerial demostration team has unique relationship with his aircraft, which he doesn´t take as a cold inanimate object but rather as a faithful friend. This relationship allows him to perform even the bravest aerobatic manouevres and proudly carry the Italian flag in world skies.


The standard airshow of Frecce Tricolori lasts approximately 20 to 25 minutes (depends on weather and safety rules applied).

The atmosphere of particular aerobatic variations is being enhanced by the music and by the narrator´s comments. 11 pilots with their machines create various aerobatic manouevres in the sky, and each manouevr has its own name, e.g. : Heart, Big Apple, Swan, or Arizona.


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