Representatives of the Austrian Air Force at MLD SIAF 2013

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Participation at the Slovak International Air Fest 2013 has already confirmed representatives of the Austrian Air Force. The most awaited event at the Air base and the Airport Sliač, 31st  August and 1st September, enrich also aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon and helicopter Black Hawk S-70.

The flagship of the European aviation industry at Sliač: Eurofighter

Eurofighter Typhoon is the World most developed combat aircraft (multi-role/swing-role) available at the market. As an example of a multinational cooperation it is one of the most important military project and the aircraft is being produced for the air forces of the Great Britain (Royal Air Force), Germany (Luftwaffe), Italy (Aeronautica Militare), Spain (Ejército del Aire), Austria (Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte), Saudi Arabia and Oman (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiyya al-Sa'udiyya). This aircraft is an important article which enforces the European aviation and defence industry within the international competition.

Eurofighter Typhoon is a result of cooperation of four countries – Italy, the Great Britain, Germany and Spain.  Its maiden flight was executed in 1994 at a German town of Manching. This twin-engine multirole fighter aircraft could be used as a fighter-interceptor or as an air-defence fighter. The aircraft significant “duck“ horizontal control surfaces are used in its design to reduce take off and landing speed and so to improve the aircraft´s manoeuvrability. The great performance at high altitudes – that is another significant advantage which makes this aircraft a very powerful air defence asset.

Zdroj: Marcel Wenk, 2011 Eurofighter - K. Tokunaga,

The aircraft came into service in 2004. Since then more than 350 planes have been produced and deliverd to particular countries. The Eurofighter fleet has flown more than 160 000 flying hours worldwide (as of January 2013). Based on its charcteristics and performance - Eurofighter is the leading product of the world military industry.

Video Eurofighter Typhoon

Multirole, reliable and robust : Black Hawk S-70 at SIAF 2013!

Its design is characterised by a few attributes such as crashworthiness, multirole use and safety which make the Black Hawk family No.1 of the helicopter market.

All Black Hawk choppers have been produced by  „Sikorsky Aicraft Corporation“ – an American company based in the state of Connecticut. The company was established in 1923 by a Russian-American aviation engineer Igor Sikorsky. „Sikorsky“ corporation has been delivering the chopper to the US NAVY, ARMY and the President of the USA.


The rigorous military standard and safety has been proved on military missions worldwide. And this is also a reason why more than 25 nations(militaries) have relied on Black Hawk helicopters. 

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