Negotiations with individual countries are being in progress!

22. February 2013 Archív

The Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic as the main program partner of the most prestigious and awaited aviation event of the year, the International air fest days, SIAF 2013 (Slovak International Air Fest) in cooperation with the Slovak Air Force  Commanding General have sent invitations to these fifteen countries: Italy, Belgium, Hungary,Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, the USA, France, Holand, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia.

The main organizer, SLA is negotiating with civilian operators from England, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic about participation of  vintage aircraft and aerial demonstration teams.

Negotiations with individual countries are being in progress. All important information concerning participants of SIAF 2013 will be added to the official web page and to the fan page

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