Seventh annual MLD SIAF with record participation

28. August 2017 11 Archív

We just finished Slovak International Airfest, SIAF 2017. You can saw excelent dynamic and static show, this weekend. The first day was a record when 100,000 visitors came to the airport. The Sunday program, also attractive to the US B-1 bomber, has earned 50,000 flying fans.

Best Display Smik Trophy

  • best dynamic show: Solotürk with aircraft F-16
  • best static show: EF-18 Hornet
  • prize of the Air Force Commander of the Slovak Republic for the best military flight demonstration: Martin "MAT" Kuterka - Mig-29
  • Sloveska letecka agentura Award for the best flight demonstration of civil and sport aviation: František "Frankie" Pytlík - Extra 300

MLD SIAF 2017 in numbers:

  • Number of participating countries: 15
  • Number of aircraft on land and air: 100
  • Number of foreign military participants: 225
  • Foreign civilian participants: 18
  • Number of domestic soldiers: 598
  • Domestic civilian participants: 28
  • Number of flight samples for Saturday and Sunday: 50
  • An account of accredited journalists: 95
  • Number of filled bags for waste: 2500

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