White-red Sparks from Poland at SIAF 2014

9. July 2014 Archív

They are always the great attraction for an audience. Visitors of International Air Fest Days SIAF 2014 can enjoy performances of aerobatics groups. White-red Sparks from Poland who will beautify the sky over Sliač will be one of four aerial demonstration teams.

The history of the team goes to the year 1969 and is tied to the town of Radom. In the original formation there were four aircraft TS-11 "Iskra (Spark)". In the year 1991 the name of the team was changed to an aerobatics team Sparks. In the course of the years the team had changed several times. At the beginning four pilots of four aircraft performed their mastery of manoeuvering and in the late 90s the aerobatics formation included 9 aircraft.


At the very beginning pilots flew aircraft TS-11 "Iskra(Spark)". In the year 1991 aircraft underwent reconstruction, upgrade and were equipped with a new state of the art radio-navigation system.. The upgrade affected paint of the aircraft – Sparks were decorated with national colours. More than 30 years pilots of Sparks represented the pride of Polish aviation. In connection with its renovation in the year 2000 the aerobatics formation was transferred to Demblin 1 Aviation Training Centre, which is part of the school for air force officers. Over this period the name of the formation was changed to "White-red Sparks". The new logo, new colours together with te name resemble colours of the Polish national flag. Pilots´ambition was to become known among aviation enthusiasts not only within Poland but also beyond the borders as the national aviation aerobatics formation.


Nowadays this attractive aviation formation consists of 7 aircraft and 7 pilots: LtCol George Ľan, Cap Thomas Czerwinski, Cap Mariusz SZYMLA, Maj Jacek Jaworek, Cap Thomas LUKASZCZUK, Maj Dariusz Karwowski, Cap Maciej KOPIEL. All pilots are seasoned ones – instructors with the highest qualification. To see their aviation mastery in the sky is the great experience and an attractive show.

TS-11 Spark

TS-11 Spark is a two-seat training-combat aircraft designated for basic traning but it is also used for advanced training and for keeping qualified pilots of combat aircraft in good condition. Seven white-red beautiful aircraft in national colours – these are Polish White-red Sparks. Don´t deprive yourselves of their mastery and attractive aerial manoeuvres at International Air Fest Days SIAF 2014. We will meet at Sliač airport on 30-31 August.

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