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As it has become a good tradition, the International Aviation Days SIAF 2019 offer a rich programme to adult and children´s visitors also this year. For sure, the aviation enthusiasts, experts, journalists, aviation picture hunters - simply all who will visit Sliač Air Base on 3 and 4 August - will be satisfied.

Do not miss the following (recommended by Pacho-21):

Besides my aviation background I do not consider myself an “aviation expert“ ( the one who appears frequently on the TV screen nowadays), but I would like to offer my “SIAF 2019 TOP MENU“. Still, it is up to you to choose - the offer is an “excellent menu“.

It is not fair at all to favour only some participants, to use them as a “bait“ to attract airshow visitors and , on the other hand not even to mention the others. Very often it happens because of their small aircraft, they are not “loud“ enough  to attract attention and they not belong to the “world top performers“. But that is the truth. Be frank - How many of you would come to Sliač if the well apprised “number one“ Italian aerial demonstration team “Frecce Tricolori“ did not perform at this year SIAF? They are world-famous, fly perfectly and the skies are full of them. In addition, they have an excellent commentator able to attract and entertain the visitors.

  1. Personally, I look forward to their performance. But, if I had a choice, I would preffer an “excellent duel“ of fast jet solo display pilots - ZEUS DEMO TEAM vs. F-16 TIGER DEMO TEAM.
  2.  Visitors, especially those interested in aviation aerobatics, will have a chance to compare the mastery of Greek and Polish military pilots flying the same category aircraft - F-16 Block 52+.
  3. I also look forward to how the Hungarian pilot flying Jas-39 Gripen will “counter“ the F-16 pilots. Nothing to add - just some nostalgia remembering our MiG-29 display pilots.
  4. Number two of my “top menu“ is the similar duel of small aircraft EXTRA 300 performed by  Zoltan Veres and Martin Šonka. For me their performance is something more than a man could imagine. I do not like a flowery language but to describe their mastery in the air you would need phrases such as “breathtaking“, “making your blood freeze“, “piloting mastery“, “world top performers“. There is nothing to add - come and judge for yourself.
  5. But something my heart goes out to, and the number three on my menu, is the performance of the glider aerial demonstration team “ Očovskí bačovia“. I looked forward to see them at Aviaton Festival in Piešťany in May, but it did not happen. I keep my fingers crossed for them to use their chance at SIAF 2019 to convince the visitors that they have taught their successors how to fly gliders.
  6. In this context I also look forward to a glider solo aerobatic performance by L-13AC Acro Blaník of the CzechGlider Aerobatic Club, z.s.

Finally I would like to wish SIAF 2019 excellent weather, minimum troubles in the air and on the ground and, what matters the most - a lot of satisfied visitors.

                                                                                                          Pacho 21

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